Worldview Is Priceless

Parents and Grandparents are prone to spoil the young.  I suggest the best use of this inclination is to invest in broadening the worldview of children.  Preferably through both education and experience, be a spendthrift upon the youngest amongst.  At least 3 benefits arise from such an investment. Recently, I have begun reading "The Personal …

Memorial Day 2019

June 6, 1944, thousands of Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy.  July 2018, my parents, my son and I walked the same ground.  The memory of our travel is profound.  The memory of those who gave the most that day is inspiring.  Let me also share a couple of pictures I captured on that …

Relationship Warranty?

How long is the warranty on a pastor?  I have served the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Edwardsville, Illinois since June 2001.  Since then we have replaced the roof twice (thank you insurance for covering the hail damage).  We've invested over half a million dollars in the facility and grounds.  Pictured is a …

Gorham Mountain

Day one of our honeymoon was full of amazing sights. Thrilled to share this with my bride, Amy! The choice of Bar Harbor, Maine has been perfect! The hiking, the seafood, the sunshine, the fresh breeze from the ocean... just wonderful!

Last steps

My last steps to Santiago de Compostela, completing a 500 mile pilgrimage. You may hear emotion in my breath. Difficult to articulate the experience of completing a 1000 year old Christian pilgrimage.