Next Steps

What about the other 167 hours of the week?

The most important hour of each week for a Christian is worship. I am thankful that our church has been creative in celebrating worship safely during this pandemic. It is an hour of renewal, reconciliation and rejoicing!

What about the other 167 hours of the week?

When we take the temperature of SFCC to determine our health, we look at worship attendance. Another barometer is our financial contributions. Both these numbers are important. I believe they are not enough. Our congregation deserves more. As I listen to the stories of our church, the legacies you have shared with me as we get to know each other, I hear much about our worship and our tithing. I hear more. I hear that the other 167 hours of the week are important.

Recently I shared a sermon including an image of train tracks. I am confident that if our congregation is a train, Jesus meant for us to ride the rails of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. These two rails (see scripture reference below) provide purposeful passage for the church. Regardless what the future entails, if SFCC is following the Great Commandment and the Great Commission then we will be serving shoulder to shoulder with Jesus. If our ministries (train cars) fit the tracks, all will be well.

What about the other 167 hours of the week?

I call those hours the opportunities for Next Steps. Our congregation has affirmed 7 core values: Worship, Serving, Welcoming, Praying, Teaching, Giving / Sharing, Caring. When we do these values outside of Sunday morning worship, they are Next Steps. Another way to say it, when we ride the rails of the Great Commandment and Great Commission, we take Next Steps.

Next Steps are so important to the life of the church, we are going to start counting them. Next Steps are as important as our worship life and our financial contributions. I have instructed the staff to begin reporting the Next Steps information at weekly staff meetings.

Why should we know the “who, where, what, when” of Next Steps?

Knowing this information helps us to plan future ministry of the church. More importantly, we can celebrate! I believe we will all be amazed as we see the Next Step reports. Your Next Steps transform the lives of those in our congregation and in our community.

If you want to take Next Steps on the Jesus’ tracks, please reach out to one of our Core Teams. The church office can make the introductions. Blessings on a purposeful path!

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