Book Review: “Pilgrims with Credit Cards”

A pilgrim never steers another pilgrim wrong, right? With the recommendation from a member of the Portlandia Chapter of American Pilgrims on the Camino, I purchased this book by Asifa Kanji. It was a great recommendation that I now share with you.

I began this book most curious about the Camino del Norte. It is a camino path I have not walked, having walked the Camino Frances in 2018. I had hoped for details to compare and contrast with my own experience. I looked forward to the stuff that would help me decide if I wanted to walk the Norte.

I found some of that stuff. What drove me to finish the book in two days was something else. Reading Kanji’s tale, was like sitting at a cafe or dinner with another pilgrim. I was reminded of the joy of shared experience.

Kanji provides an ample scattering of photos of her walk. Her writing is far superior to the pictures. She shares relevant historical details of the Camino. However, her experience of the Way is by far the captivating part.

I high recommend this book. It was refreshing as it connected me with an experience that was deeply renewing. Buen Camino!

[Kanji, Asifa, Pilgrims with Credit Cards, D. Drury & Sons, Publishers, 2020]

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