Oregon or Bust: Day 3

Salt Lake City, Utah in the morning sunlight

We have traveled from Salt Lake City, Utah through Boise, Idaho to Hines, Oregon.

Having lived in the Midwest most of my life, a day plus of driving in high desert has been fascinating. The irrigated fields are a vibrant green contrast to the surrounding scrub.

Entering Oregon, we drove through a range near Malheur National Forest. The road followed a stream. It was a peaceful scene as we wound through peaks and valleys.

The Cowboy steak at the Pine Room, only 20oz

Arriving at Hines, Oregon was like finding an oasis. This small community was full of hospitality. The food was fantastic. Highly recommend the Pine Room Restaurant, which has a wine list of over 100 selections including a wonderful collection of Oregon wines. Did I say this is an oasis!?

This was our last full day of driving. We drove 560 miles. The tomorrow will find us in Salem, at our new home.

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