My Sabbatical, My Return

My sabbatical and my return: In ordination the church set me apart that I might give my life to full-time ministry w my God given talents. In sabbatical, the church set me apart to renew my soul so I can be a better servant of God, neighbor & the church. In sabbatical, the church set apart my family that they might equally be renewed. My sabbatical was not what I expected. My soul is renewed & my sabbatical “to-do-list” completed. Akin to our biblical ancestors & our tradition, questing after the Holy provided more than anticipated. To articulate more deeply my experience is to reflect upon my return. It is tempting and easy to return to old habits and comfortable ways. It is my responsibility to resist that which is less than life giving to my ministry, my family and myself. It is my responsibility to claim the new habits and hopes discovered during sabbatical because they make me a better minister, a better servant, a better leader. I have served FCCE for 17 years during which we have come to know each other well. If you sense an awkwardness in my return, it is not my loving you less rather my attempting to love you more, serve you more Christ-like, lead faithfully. If in doubt, a simple question will suffice & hopefully assuage any angst.IMG_1524

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