Camino as House of the Lord

Creation … Cathedral … Community

On the Camino, I was treated to daily experiences of God’s creation.  The beauty and the challenge.  Breath-taking views became the norm.  Easy to claim I was in the House of the Lord as I hiked the Way.


The cathedrals I visited upon the Way were nearly as inspiring.  The age, size and quality of these structures were awesome.  Difficult to articulate the experience of praying in such a space.  How inspired by faith were the builders of such space.

More than these, the community on the Way was truly life in the House of the Lord.  So much potential for grace, mercy, justice, love, reconciliation.  Even with the diversity of language, culture, nation, religion … the depth of bond remains.


What if the “House of the Lord” was foremost in our relationships?  Would it change our speech?  Would it enlarge our vision?  Imagine the potential if relationship were more like table sharing akin to the Lord’s Table?  What surprise might we enjoy from our brothers and sisters were we to give them space to be who they are rather than push them into a stereotype?

PRAYER:  Merciful Lord, better is one day in your House than a thousand elsewhere.  Have mercy on our souls.  May Your Spirit compel us to Christ-like community.  Our thanks for each day that is such.  Amen!

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