Turtle Town and Missionary Tale

More god-fueled conversations ensued . . .

The Father / Son trip to Hawaii was fantastic.  After scuba, horseback riding and a luau, we tried snuba.  Unlike scuba, the air tank remained on a raft to which we were connected by a 20′-25′ hose and harness.  We used a regulator to breath and towed our raft as we swam.


We had approximately 30 minutes under water each time, with two dive sites.  The second site gave us the opportunity to dive with sea turtles.

With about an hour boat ride to each dive site, we had plenty of time to visit with others. Zach and Natalie were on their honeymoon.  After trading proposal stories, I discovered that Zach is a preacher’s kid.  Always enjoy my son meeting other “PKs” with a positive attitude about church and ministry.  Zach and I shared about church and sabbaticals.  I encouraged him to share the Lilly Clergy Renewal opportunity with his Dad.

We did have one day of just beach.  One day was enough for us, but it was nice not to have to get up before dawn for our activities.  We were even visited by a sea turtle that swam along our beach mid-morning.  It was a relaxing day.  Here is a scan of our ocean view.

Our last day included a visit to the Historic Baldwin Home (http://lahainarestoration.org/baldwin-home-museum/) which was built in the early 1830s and is the oldest home on the island.  Rev. Baldwin (a graduate of Harvard medical school and Auburn Seminary) was a newlywed when he and his wife took the 6 month journey by ship from New England, around Cape Horn, to Hawaii.  They had 8 children and spent their life on the island, where Rev. Baldwin served as the government physician, dentist and the veterinarian, in addition to his missionary work.  Rev. Baldwin is credited with preventing a smallpox epidemic on the island in 1853.  When smallpox broke out, he began inoculating everyone on the island.  The result was only about two hundred died on Maui.  Over 12,000 died on the other islands.

After some history and religion, we enjoyed our last lunch before heading up a volcano near the airport.


On our way to the airport, we drove 8,800 feet up a volcano.  Amazing how much colder it is at that elevation compared to sea level.  The view from among the clouds was wonderful!  We were so blessed to have this opportunity thanks to FCCE (the church I serve) and my family and the Lilly Clergy Renewal Program.

Buen Camino!


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