Horses and a luau!

God is walking with me this summer!

Yesterday, Joseph and I were scheduled for a morning horseback ride. We arrive and are greeted by Jimmy. Before we are picked up to be driven up the mountain to the stables, Jimmy has told me his conversion story which includes his previous car that was demon possessed, his being healed by Jesus Christ so that he no longer needs a wheelchair, the woman who walked with him through that and directs him to a local congregation who knows nothing of her but that she must be an angel (literal angel) helping Jimmy.

My postmodern sensibilities open me to hear these God sightings with enthusiasm. Plus, my affirmation or not of Jimmy’s story is no matter. The gleam in Jimmy’s eye as he tells his profession of faith is inspiring! And he tells it so matter fact… uplifting!

Okay the horseback riding. Here is a video of Joseph meeting his horse and saddling up.

The first part of the ride was up to a look out some 2500 feet above sea level. One of guides was Italian and had many questions about my pilgrimage in Spain. I think God smiles broadly when an Illinoian minister and an Italian guide are talking church in Maui!

Here is Joseph saying hello!

Here is a pic of of us at the look out. Joseph is riding Kojak. I am riding Diamond. Does Diamond already look tired of carrying me?

We then descended for a look at the ocean. It was a two hour ride total. The views were spectacular!

Another father/son photo…

Toward the end of the ride, we were allowed to let the horses run. The horses new when we were close to the run. They perked their ears and showed anticipation. I felt ecstatic being on Diamond as he craned his neck forward with each lung. Doubt the pony express folks are looking to hire me. I did have a wonderful experience of flying!

Here is Joseph and Kojak.

After our ride, we quickly showered and went to a luau.

Interestingly, at the luau we were taught a Hawaiian prayer as a blessing for the meal. Again God walks with me this summer.

Joseph and I enjoyed the food and entertainment. Learning about another culture is a joy.

Let’s close with some fire dance. Buen Camino!

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