Notre Dame

We (Joseph, my parents and I) toured Notre Dame cathedral in Paris after Amy and Kendal left for the states. It is a magnificent facility! A space sacred by reputation and design.

The impact of the French Revolution was dreadful for this church. For some years, the church was not under Catholic control and was painted white inside.

A theme throughout our days in Paris was the impact of the French Revolution upon historic sites such as Notre Dame and the Palace of Versailles. Tossing the baby out with the bath water is one reflection upon that period.

It was difficult to contrast Notre Dame the the Spanish cethsrals on the Way. Burgos had more glorious side chapels and gleaming interior. The stain glass windows of the cathedral in Leon are unique. Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is beyond compare. So many churches in rural Spanish villages are inspiring.

Beyond that, the experience of this sacred space is astounding! From the stone architecture to the theological statement of the structure, I was well impressed!’

I was thankful to be able to say my prayers in this cathedral. I admire the expression of the vertical nature of our relationship with God.

Here are the bells of Notre Dame…

Buen Camino!

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