Picasso, Chocolate & Catacombs

From the Philly airport, Inam trying to catch up on sabbatical happenings. In Barcelona… we visited the Picasso museum. The talent he demonstrated at age 13 is astounding! I truly enjoyed the collection of his works, though some stretched my appreciation of art. Here is a fun picture of the family waiting to go in … we did cross a protest line to get in. Not fully certain the purpose of the protest, which was quite peaceful.

While in the mood for Barcelona museums, we toured a chocolate museum. Apparently Barcelona was a gateway for chocolate into Europe. Here is Joseph with his favorite chocolate sculpture.

Ordering chocolate treats at the museum was a fitting conclusion to the tour

Following a relaxing train ride from Barcelona along the Mediterranean coast and through rural France, we arrived in Paris. Our first activity was to visit the catacombs. I recommend purchasing tickets in advance, which saved us a long line. Centuries ago (Roman times) limestone was quarried from under Paris. As the city grew, the old quarries needed to be shored up (streets and buildings were collapsing) and cemeteries needed to be relocated for health reasons and space needs. The remains of some 6 million deceased were relocated to the quarries. Priests spent 15 months straight, at one point, blessing and escorting remains as they were transferred. Here are a couple of pictures of the sacred and surreal landscape.

I look forward to sharing more sabbatical activities. I am very thankful for this opportunity. It is renewing my soul. Many thanks for all who are making this possible.

Buen Camino!

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