Before arriving in Paris, I went scuba diving with Joseph and Kendal… and sharks at the aquarium in Barcelona. WOW! None of us (nor Victoria from England who randomly joined our group) had ever been scuba diving.

After suiting up, we were given a quick lesson on how to use the gear. Then we swam out to the cage where we safely observed the sharks in the tank.

The instructor pulled me to the back of the cage and told me “no moving”… next thing I knew he was pushing me into the main tank… with the sharks! He was above me, holding my tank, swimming us around the tank on a slow tour. It was Amazing! This is Joseph with a fish tagging along at his feet.

It was a fantastic experience. We were all more energized by the dive than the sharks, who seemed only mildly curious if we had brought food.

Here is a post dive picture.

The scuba gear was very easy to use. The dive was thrilling! Glad I was first out of the cage. Made it easier to watch the teenagers take a lap around the aquarium with the toothy beauties. If you are in Barcelona, I highly recommend this experience.

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