Transition is Tough

I had been warned. The transition out of pilgrim life can be surprising and difficult. It is true.

Our celebration lunch was a wonderful prelude to an amazing post-Camino party! Our Camino family of 40 some pilgrims booked out an entire restaurant. It was a bittersweet beautiful bash!

My wonderful family met me in Santiago de Compostela the day after I finished. They brought me a suitcase of clothes I had packed 40+ days ago. Even more they brought hugs and joyful reunion. (Thanks to Mike from Canada for this video of a few of our tables)

Oddly, I was overwhelmed by the suitcase when I opened it. I was tired, true. The next morning, preparing to fly to Barcelona, it felt good to slip on pilgrim clothes, boots and backpack. Pulled the suitcase to the airport barely touched. Today, I took the next step on my lifelong Camino. Shipped my pilgrim gear home to the United States.

Shipped economy, it will arrive.. someday. And I will be glad to receive it. The most important pilgrim gear stays with me: the shaping of my soul and fullness of my heart, and the find memories of pilgrims who shared the Way.

Onward with my sabbatical activities…. more on those soon!

Buen Camino!

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