Last two days have brought us to Arzua! We are less than 40km (25 miles) from our destination. The Way has changed much since Sarria. It is flooded with new pilgrims. Herds of middle school and high school youth. Big influx of Spaniards. I am thankful The Way is accessible to those unable to start farther back. Especially families as in this picture. What a wonderful opportunity to teach children history and religion.

Our albergue last night was rustic and charming. The host was delightful. I had time to pray and journal and nap after the walk. Here is a picture of where we ate and watched Wirld Cup. For breakfast I had homemade yogurt with honey and a banana… yum! The age of buildings in Spain is surreal contrasted to my community in the states. Behind our albergue was a building with Roman columns dating the building to about a thousand years old. One room in our albergue had previously been abandoned for over two hundred years as testified by the rings on the oak tree that had been removed from the room during remodeling.

Mike from Canada warming up for post dinner sing-a-long. Clayton of Australia looking on.

Early start tomorrow. Today was a hard 27 km (17miles) when accounting for the ups and downs. Tomorrow will be lighter.

Buen Camino!

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