The Pool in Barbadelo

We walked to Barbadelo through the heat with visions of a swimming pool at our albergue. Before that, we enjoyed more amazing views and some surprises.

We walked through Sarria to get to Barbadelo. Sarria is a common starting point for the Camino thus we are seeing a large influx of new pilgrims. If you walk at least 100km of The Way, you can receive a Compostela that certifies you completed the Camino De Santiago. Sarria is 110km from Santiago de Compostela. It is an interesting experience for pilgrims who have walked from St Jean Pied de Port (or further) to be in the midst of this crowd of new pilgrims.

While having lunch in Sarria, this happened…

And then we arrived at our albergue in Barbadelo. The pool was amazing! Justified the swim suit I have carried since St Jean (over 600km). And it made the long, hot walk recede into distant memory. Muscles relaxed. We all showed off our “Camino suntan lines” haha!

As is often said by pilgrims, the Camino provides. For us this day, it did. May you also be provided for this day.

Buen Camino!

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