Today we walked our last long day… 27km (16.77miles) and finished in the heat of the day. Along the way we reached the 100km mark! Only 100km to Santiago de Compostela. It is hard to imagine we have 4 days of walking to the finish.

I began walking in St Jean Pied de Port, France on May 24th. I took a rest day in Roncesvalles after experiencing extreme dehydration coming over the Pyrenees. I then took rest days in Pamplona and A half day in Logroño and a full rest day in Burgos and another rest day in Astorga. The day in Astorga did wonders for my blisters. Finally getting ahead of the dehydration also helped my blisters.

Along the road today this happened…

Cow flicked me in the face with his tail as he passed! Lol. Curious, no shepherd. The cows were wandering down the path on their own.

My pilgrim family booked our remaining stays to Santiago at dinner tonight. Not our choice to plan so far ahead, but the influx of new pilgrims is filling albergues. It was a multi-national team effort to finalize the plans.

Our remaining days should be very enjoyable. We will walk no more than 22km per day. Eager for more time for rest and reflection.

Buen Camino!

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