O’Cebreiro y the View

The climb to O’Cebreiro was difficult. Thankful we chose to stay at La Faba and cut the climb in half. Took 90min of non-stop climb to reach high point. 7:30am totally drenched in perspiration. As soon as we took our packs off, the sweat chilled in the elevation and breeze.

Then we saw this!

It was simply amazing! The sea of clouds below. The chill in the air. I am very thankful for this opportunity to experience God’s creation, the community of pilgrims, the solitude when walking alone, the support from home, the grace of God as I walk.
(In video, I was incorrect. We were at the 2nd highest spot on Camino.)

This is a thatched roof house in O’Cebreiro. Stopped for coffee and a chocolate pastry in this village prior to our long decent into the summer heat.

These various joys along the way down to our albergue Triacastela. We had a nice evening with a large group dinner (4 tables pushed together at local cafe with many watching Germany v Sweden in World Cup).

Buen Camino!

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