Less than 300km to go..

Left Leon today and walked to San Martin (halfway to Astorga). The walk was boring… till I saw this sign!

Let me share a bit about Leon. Only a bit because I did not take a rest day there. I did see the cathedral, which is amazing! Built in only 50 years, using revolutionary methods, including some of the best stain glass I have ever seen. It was joyful to be able to say my prayers in the nave. The cathedral is so different than Burgos. Burgos has inspiring side chapels with a surprisingly small nave. Leon provides a larger nave and a profound sense of God’s awesomeness. The builders intentionally placed stain glass of the prophets to get the least sunshine for they preceded the opportunity to bask in the glory of Jesus. The stain glass receiving the most light contains images of those who have been able to enjoy Jesus’ light. Light from heaven is a theme from the foundation of this cathedral.

The other grand experience in Leon was World Cup! I cheered for Spain as the played to a tie. I attended a pilgrim birthday party of sorts, then had dinner and watched soccer. The downside to soccer fans (for a pilgrim trying to sleep so as to walk early) they party until after sunrise. Impressive but frustrating.

Tomorrow I am on to Astorga. I am taking a rest day in the historic town.

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