Approaching Leon!

A common practice on the Camino is to buy breakfast the night before. In Bercianos Del Real Camino, I bought fruit for the next morning. Actually had a nice selection, but you had to let shop owner collect everything.

From Bercianos Del Real Camino to Mansilla de las Mulas, I walked with Raeanne of Canada and Camilla of Brazil (now Vancouver). Our strides were more similar. I have developed a painful blister on ball of left foot from wet boots and walking too fast trying to quicken pace. They were great company for the 26.5km (16.5 miles) we walked.

Stopped by the Elvis bar on way to Mansilla. They let you write on walls inside. Very festive place but we had to move on.

Arriving in Mansilla, found this great cross near our albergue. The Camino is blessed with wonderful artistic expression.

And characters… this donkey walked from the far end of his pen pacing pilgrims until his gate. He would stop at the gate hoping we would feed him. He was eager for the grass I pulled from the side of the road.

As I approached León, the cathedral stood tall. I am eager to visit it… as soon as laundry is done.

I am about to leave the meseta and walk the last third of the Camino. The heat of Spain is beginning to return.

Buen Camino!

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