Carrion de los Condes

My dinner companions at Castrojeriz two nights ago. Roland from Netherlands next to me. Other side, Clayton of Australia, Raeanne of Canada and Maureen of UK (now living in France). It was a fantastic meal of discussing international politics, comparing governments, family stories, and teasing.

After walking in rain most of the day from Castrojeriz to Población de Campos, it was a surprisingly dry walk to Carrion de Los Condes. It was cold. Maybe it was 60f? Usually this portion of the Camino this time of year is 90f+.

Right out of Castrojeriz we had a 100m (328ft) climb that gave us this view. Just amazing!

For a long way to Población de Campos, we hiked along this canal. Relaxing portion of walk, even in the rain, yesterday.

On the way to Carrion de Los Condes today, I met this guy!

In Carrion, I was able to say my prayers in this lovely church. Carrion has a population of about 2,200 and enjoys such a fine sacred space. Some of the churches in rural villages on the Camino feel like a museum. This one felt alive, embracing, holy.

After checking into the albergue, a 13th century monastery, we had lunch. A salad with toasted wheel of goat cheese!

Buen Camino!

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