Wobble: The Way

Sandra from the U.K. says, “sometimes you just have to give your head a wobble.” It was a great summary of a dinner conversation of our groups experience of the Camino.

(Sandra – U.K., Clayton -Australia, Hernan – Florida,

Roland – Netherlands, Me)

We were discussing various experiences of the Camino providing renewal. For some it slows down the pace of life. Others experience a testing that alters priorities. In a way, the Camino changes those who walk it. Like when you shake your head and blink your eyes… giving your head a wobble.

Life is not fair. If allowed, it will grind us. It can tempt us to be unfair.

A waymarker

Walking the Way of St James is a daily exercise of following the path. I search for waymarkers to point the way. I look ahead for pilgrims to see the path.

If I gave such attention while at home, in my everyday world? What if I gave similar pace and perspective to my place in this world?

Buen Camino!

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