Cathedral of Burgos

Walking 36km yesterday allowed a full tourist day today and what a treat. Was able to visit pharmacy for various items from toothpaste to blister treatment to etc. Most of all, I was able to tour and to pray in the Cathedral of Burgos.

There are many side chapels, too many to image here. The audio tour wand was very informative as to the history and meaning of the various chapels, architectural and religious points. Saying my daily prayers in this cathedral is a highlight of this Camino!

Beardless me with friends

Entrance to Cathedral
Main nave

The above video is the main nave of the cathedral.

The space provides experience of Awesome God.

A video of the choir loft and main pipe organ.

For all my choir friends and organist pals.

Can you imagine such a space for your ministries?

Imagine choir members staying in their seats? 🙂

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