Grañon: Communal Meals

If you saw the Camino movie we showed at church, they did some filming at the albergue in Grañon, where I stayed last night. What an experience!

At 6pm, all the pilgrims cooked dinner under guidance of the two hosts. At 7pm, we were told we would need to sing for our food. A story was told of not enough money so we would serenade the baker woman. There were 17 in our group and no common language. We did agree to sing “Imagine” the John Lennon song. Two of our group played guitar and we had lyrics on our phone. Then off we go into the street to the bakery. The other albergue in the village meets us. We take turns singing. Then the baker woman starts demanding various nationalities sing. I rounded up the two Americans I recognized and we huddled to prepare. Thankfully time ran out before we could sing “Take Me Out To The Ballpark”, our best idea in the moment.

At 8pm, we gathered round a common table. I was asked to say the blessing. I felt quite honored to do so. Dinner was bread (yes from the baker woman) and a salad full of fresh veggies we had cut. There was a soup with sausage and beans and veggies. Dessert was an apple crisp of sorts. It was all very tasty!

After washing up (which goes quick with all hands on deck) we went to the choir loft of the church. This is where some of the movie was filmed. We had evening prayers and pilgrim sharing. It was very special.

I hope for more such experiences along the way. (And fast enough WiFi to load more pictures and video)

Buen Camino!

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