Pondering Pamplona

My apologies for another attempted alliteration…

You have been spared “Zooming to Zubiri” for I was toast when I arrived. We walked in rain for 9 miles then part sun for 5 miles. Was still battling dehydration as I entered that fantastic village.

I am including a view from the bridge as we walked out of Zubiri the next morning on our way to Pamplona.

Stream swollen from yesterday’s rain

I am told the first third of the Camino is a physical test, then body adapts. The middle bit is a mental challenge. A spiritual experience is found in the final stretch. A New fantastic painful blister on tip of me toe made my entrance to Pamplona less than grand.

Today, a tourist day, I have enjoyed the sights. The main cathedral is outstanding. Though pictures can not capture the scale of the structure and the complexity of spiritual expression found in the cathedral.

View from main entrance

As I prayed and perused, I contemplated the era of original construction. The power and influence articulated by this building and the rich contents. The impact upon society…

One of several side chapels

I arrived in Pamplona on Sunday. Shops were closed. Families were filling parks and bike ways. The main square of the old city was like a festival. My dinner, in one of the few open restaurants, was surrounded by a large extended family celebrating multiple baptisms.

I write you from a cafe / pub frequented by Hemingway. Brian, an Aussie who shared the Way with me for hours, commented that “at least Hemingway had something to say.” I hope we each enjoy a life that gives us something to say.

!Buenas noches!

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